664km in 24 hours on an Omnium Cargo!

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The designer of the Omnium Cargo, Jimmi Bargisen, took part in the 24 hour race at Strib, Middlefart in Denmark this weekend. The race is a qualifier for the RAM ‘Race Across America’. He just did it for ‘fun’. He managed to complete 664.2km in the 24 hours. And he did it on an Omnium Cargo specially prepared for the race with drop handlebars, carbon wheels and SRAM Red equipment that weighed 15.1kilos overall. Photos to follow! Our man is currently recovering from his ordeal!

Here he is asleep in the van on the way home. Legs up, without a care in the world.

The New Breed – MiniMax

Today we received the first full prototype of the new MiniMax frame. It’s got the same wheels and cargo rack of the Cargo but with a shorter wheelbase. Also about 1 kilo lighter too. And all in glossy ‘Italian Stallion Red’. We’ll give it to our friendly bike cargo messengers at ByExpressen to see if it can stand the constant abuse of the working environment.

Child Carriers for 1 and 2 Kids!

We now have child carrier compartments for your Omnium Cargo. There is a single and double version available. Lightweight steel and aluminium frame with water-resistant cover, windows, pockets and insect screen. Inbuilt seat with safety straps. Folds down or can be easily removed for when your Omnium has other duties.

please contact us for details

Jumbo & Omnium Win a Race

Omnium Bikes designer and CEO Jimmi ‘Jumbo’ Bargisen won the Copenhagen Messenger Alleycat yesterday – he rode an Omnium Cargo, the same one he rides every day when he rides for the ByExpressen Cargo Messenger Service. And he won. Against the finest of Copenhagen’s bike messengers on normal race bikes and fixed gears. Hopefully that gives you some idea what a swift steed the Omnium Cargo is.

Combi-Seat Experiment

From our inventor’s laboratory!

This is to show a relatively easy way of turning the standard rack into a combination seat, with room for an adult in front or a kid facing backwards toward the rider. We are currently working on making this in fabric and aluminium as well – for a lighter and sleeker look.


20″ Tyres Now in Stock

We’ve now got the following tyres in stock which fit our ‘Fast Bastard’ 20″ front wheels – with matching 700c rear tire also available for each tyre type.

23mm (I don’t give a damn if it’s a cargo bike) Schwalbe Ultremo ZX

28mm (The messengers choice) Schwalbe Durano

37mm (Slick, fast and as comfy as it gets) Primo Comet

37mm (It’s winter 9 months a year, I might as well ride knobblies) Schwalbe Mow Joe

Omnium Cargo Review on Kittad.se

There’s a nice piece on the Omnium Cargo bike today by Kent Clarström on the website kittad.se. It’s in Swedish – of course! But here’s a few translated quotes into English and you can also read the original article on Kittad.se by clicking this link:

“…A really cool thing with the Omnium Cargo is that the rider himself can equip the load surface in many different ways. Instead of a fixed platform or box, you can attach whatever you like with ease. Omnium Bikes offer a range of solutions including a seat, a tough canvas sling, and a range of waterproof bags up to 400 litres in capacity! And on top of that you can even have a back rack like a normal bike too….”

“…cycling was really a pleasure, the bike behaves, yes like a bike! None of the vague steering that some other cargo bikes seem to have, making it so easy to get used to! It might seem strange not to see the front wheel, but after a minute or two I forgot that and could even jump the front wheel up curbs. With a load on the front the bike was very manageable, and the strong two-legged stand meant I wasn’t worried about balance when I loaded and unloaded the bike…”

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 15.12.46

Take a Test Ride – It’s Free!

We are now fully up and running. We have fully built-up and ready to ride Omnium Cargo’s and Omnium Mini’s in our Copenhagen showroom. You can come and have a test ride and see just how light and easy to ride these amazing bikes are. Any normally strong person can lift the bike with one hand, and yet it can carry around 80kg+ on it’s luggage area with ease. It feels as easy, safe and as natural as riding any normal bike. Don’t take our word for it, come and try one out! We also have a full range of accessories in stock too.