Take a Test Ride – It’s Free!

We are now fully up and running. We have fully built-up and ready to ride Omnium Cargo’s and Omnium Mini’s in our Copenhagen showroom. You can come and have a test ride and see just how light and easy to ride these amazing bikes are. Any normally strong person can lift the bike with one hand, and yet it can carry around 80kg+ on it’s luggage area with ease. It feels as easy, safe and as natural as riding any normal bike. Don’t take our word for it, come and try one out! We also have a full range of accessories in stock too.

The Mini – Going to Production

The Mini, with its funny looks, has brought a smile on many peoples faces. Even more so, when they have also tried riding it.

People have been truly impressed with the maneuverability, speed and loading capacity of this bike.

So after being thoroughly tested by Copenhagen messengers, and being redesigned with a new fork, the Mini is now ready for production.

ETA on the minis will be around June.

Ever Closer With Ever Libra

The Omnium frames are now in the Mediterranean Sea on a cargo ship called Ever Libra.

STOP PRESS! The frames have been transferred to another smaller container ship for the final stretch to Copenhagen.

Hopefully the frames will arrive and clear customs in 14 days time. Stay tuned.

The Ever Libra

The Omnium Big Bag

Big with a big B. We are are currently testing a huge cargo bag which opens up to be as big as a house! This prototype bag is currently being used professionally by cargo courier company By-Expressen and can hold 400 L, which is about 80 kg of boxed coffee for example.

It is made of durable truck tarpaulin and we’ll also make a smaller size too. We think we’ll make them in red or black.IMG_0906IMG_0890

Child Seat Ideas

We are way behind schedule with the Omnium accessories, but here is our first prototype of a comfy child seat. Its positioning leaves room for the 120L bag too.

In the next attempt we are going to lower the seat and also make it possible to turn the seat around, depending whether your passenger wants to see you, or the road ahead.

The final product is not going to resemble this seat, but is merely to show the possibilities.

A windshield is also on the drawing board.



February Delivery

We now have photographic evidence that Omnium bikes are loaded into the container and ready to take a romantic sea voyage to Copenhagen! It takes about 40 days for the bikes to arrive so we think by late February we’ll be unpacking shiny new frames and sending out invitations to our launch event. Price lists and photography will also be finalised.


Prototype Construction

We have already had two prototype frame-sets built of the Omnium Cargo model and these are currently being used full-time to deliver parcels and to carry children in Copenhagen. This full use testing has provided valuable feedback for the first production run.


At the Factory

Here’s some images from our factory. This is one of the Omnium Cargo production frame-sets being built up. It has a number of new features which were developed after extensive test riding on our prototypes. The pictures are before the frame has been bead-blasted and powder coated so you can see the brazing and welding details.

Double cable holders for more set-up flexibility:

Ovalised rear stays for better heel clearance and more stiffness:

Stronger, thicker control tab and steer bar. Total safety and reliability: