Omnium Ti

It is possible to order your Omnium Ti at any time – delivery times vary depending on stock and when we are making a new order batch of ten. We can also offer titanium parts specially selected to match the frame-sets. You can see photographs of one of our test bikes with our selection of titanium components fitted below.

Titanium is a metal that has some unique qualities making it very desirable as a frame material for bicycles. It just will not rust in any normal atmospheric conditions, or with road salt, or if scratched, dented or damaged. It doesn’t need painting or coating and doesn’t suffer hardly at all from fatigue cracking. It is really comfortable to ride, with a perfect ratio of stiffness, strength and durability. Of course, it’s more expensive than steel, but then it will last a very very long time. A large sized frame-only should weigh around 3500g.

These frames will be made with specially adapted tube sizes different from the steel editions. That means even bigger oversized tubes, and with special shaping to create a legacy frame that you can pound into the ground and still keep on riding. Frame geometry will be the same as the standard Omnium Cargo – choose any of our standard sizes.

We are taking orders by email only at:

Frame-set pre-order price: €2700 
(including black steel fork, steer bar, aluminium steerer and aluminium rack in black)
note: Seat tube is 31.6mm
approx. 8 weeks delivery, €1000 deposit

Various specially sourced, sized and co-ordinating Ti. parts – (pre-order only) prices:
Titanium Headset: €175 (two required)
Titanium Stem (various sizes): €209
Titanium Seatclamp: €65
Titanium Handlebar (various sizes): €162
Titanium Seatpost: €209
Titanium Headset Spacer: €19

For other standard parts incl. wheels and tyres see our webshop:


Prototype Omnium Cargo Ti_DSC8434 _DSC8438 _DSC8431_DSC8443 _DSC8412 _DSC8411 _DSC8413 _DSC8416 _DSC8415 _DSC8421 _DSC8419 _DSC8423 _DSC8427_DSC8430