Omnium Bikes is a young company, based in Copenhagen. We build fast, light and stable cargo bikes for packages, people and travel.

Who We Are

Jimmi “Jumbo” Bargisen 
Founder of Omnium.
Still working as a bike messenger three days a week. Answering emails and trying to improve and develop Omnium. Oh yeah. And reigning cycle messenger world champion(2018 – Riga) on both regular bike and cargo bike. And yes. They were both Omnium’s.

Stefan – GT – Steins
Worlds best bike mechanic – Bike Fashion Icon – we could go on. 
Certified bike mechanic. Chief mechanic and main shop sales guy. Also responsible for most stories on Instagram.

Jens Rubin
EX messenger/dispatcher. Now Webshop Guru – packing and shipping like a boss. Fastest tape dispenser in town. Also acting as an all round sales guy in the shop.

Our amazing apprentice. Learning fast and will soon be ready to take over the world.

Jan Panev
Master of the internet and everything floating around in it. Eating zeros and ones for breakfast.

Jody Barton
Creator of worlds and Omnium’s graphic designer. The man who made us look that good.

How & Where To Buy

NEW – visit our official store for direct sales and test rides.

Monday – Friday 10-18 // Saturday 11-15 // +45 30 39 82 00
Nørrebrogade 200 // 2200 Copenhagen N // Denmark

We offer many ways for you to get your Omnium on. The best route is to see if there is a dealer near you. See our dealer page for our list of dealers worldwide. That way you can test our bikes and get excellent service. If you don’t have a nearby dealer or want to order direct then please get in touch by email or just order on our webshop. If you are buying from outside Denmark and you have a company VAT number then we can help you deduct VAT. Please email us.

Omnium Consulting

As a result of our drive to make the absolute best messenger cargo bike on the planet – lighter, faster, and more agile than the competition, we now offer a full custom consulting service. In collaboration with our design and manufacturing team we can provide pedal vehicles with custom paint, racks, bags, boxes, graphic design, Shimano STEPS 8000 Electric System and even complete custom frame design. All made in our own production chain and shipped worldwide. From a single bike to a national fleet that fits the image and unique needs of your business – we can do it. No compromise.

We can also provide educational and consultancy support for business studies and manufacturing. Book a seminar and learn about how a successful bike business gets started and how it works in the real world – from it’s founder. Please get in touch to start the conversation.

Design, website and studio photography by Jody Barton and Jan Panev

With additional street and people photography by Astrid Maria Rasmussen www.instagram.com/astridkbh/