Frequently Asked Questions

Future stock
Couldn’t find the bike you’re looking for? Have a look what the next containers will bring on our  future stock page. All information on the page is open to change, due to unforeseen reasons like delays at the production factory or a slower than usual container shipment.  The closer the date comes, the more definite we can be what we will receive. 
If the bike you’re looking for is not on the future stock page or in stock, it doesn’t exist (yet).

When there is a month until arrival of a new stock, we will put it online for pre-order. You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook or through our Newsletter to receive notification about a preorder launch. A launch is the specified date from which on you can purchase the bike through our web-shop. We will communicate the launch date through our channels one week in advance, so everyone has time to set their clocks for it.
Pre-orders can only be ordered through the website or in our Copenhagen store. Email requests will be dismissed. 

How to pre-order
A pre-order works like a normal purchase, you will only have to wait a little bit longer than with an in-stock bike. If a bike is up for pre-order you can select it in the product category Bikes & Frames. Completely new bike models will have the yellow Pre-Order tag. Otherwise click the bike you would like to purchase and select between current stock or future stock.

All Credit Cards are accepted. Processed securely by Paylike.

You can’t finalize your order?
In case your credit card was rejected or the authentication failed, please contact your bank. There is nothing we can do about this on our end.
About other issues or if your experiencing any bugs please contact or give us a call +45 30 20 44 84.

Tracking numbers
You will receive a separate email from our delivery partner with your tracking information. Allow up to 24 hours for the number to go live.

Package delivery
Normally everything will be fine, but please keep the following three things in mind while receiving your order from your friendly delivery person:
1. Before you sign: Check the box. Does it have any damages? Check the contents. Does it all seem alright?
2. If damages: Communicate them. Tell the delivery person and ask to report a damaged delivery. Document the state of the contents and goods. Take pictures. 
3. report: A report is your and our insurance if something has happened to your delivery. Overall it helps against headaches of any type.

Bike comes nearly ready to ride with just a few basic assembly tasks required, listed below:
-Install front and rear wheel, seat + seatpost, stem, handlebars
-Align front and rear brake
-Install mudguards
-Inflate tires
If you are the slightest bit in doubt, please consult with your local bike shop.

Bike safety
We urge all OMNIUM customers to take the time to write down & photograph their unique FRAME number, located on the frame underneath the left crank arm. This will help you and the authorities identify your bike, in the unfortunate case of theft. 

Import taxes
There may be import taxes to pay if your destination is outside the EU. Please ask your local customs office for advice.

Brexit / for UK customers
We have currently set a stop to all sales to private customers in UK. This is until we have figured out a bulletproof way of shipping without coming into problems with the new regulations due to Brexit. We apologize and hope you will bear with us. We are working on fixing this issue as soon as possible. If you can’t wait, we advise you to contact one of our UK dealers, as we will still be shipping to them.

Vat numbers
European wholesale and business customers must provide a vat number in the checkout mandatorily.
– Vat numbers are validated through VIES. If it throws out an error there, it won’t be validated on our website. A possible case is for example: “No, invalid VAT number for cross border transactions within the EU.
– If you’re receiving alert notifications while trying to validate your vat number, please check if you have typed in a correct billing address.
– Billing address and vat number have to point to the same European country.
– When receiving the error log “Error communicating with the VAT validation server.”, please check if your country’s server is currently unavailable here. E.g. German servers are down at night from 11:30pm until 1:30am.
-When you add or change your vat number inside your profile settings, please add the Billing country beforehand. Otherwise it will throw out an error.

Local pickup
If you are in Copenhagen then you can visit our store and collect orders – select the ‘Local pickup’ option when you checkout.

Local pickup at
Nørrebrogade 200, 2200 Copenhagen N
Monday till Friday 10am – 6pm
Saturday from 11am3pm

Give us a call if you have more questions +45 30 39 82 00