Future Stock

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Belt Drive frame-sets

End August
Cargo BeltX-SmallSmallMediumLargeXL
mat black - silver logo141515
Minimax Belt X-SmallSmallMediumLargeXL
mat black - silver logo1315

CXC sliding frame-sets

End August
CXC - Sliding drops - New ForkX SmallSmallMediumLargeX largeXXL
Elrond Green - Gold Logo412104
Midnight Blue - Black Logo41284
Deep Purple - Gold 2642
Galaxy Black - Silver Logo2642
Sea Foam Green - Black logo2642

Cargo Classics

Around september???
Complete m200/DeoreFrame-sets
mat black - silver logo5050
Complete m200/DeoreFrame-sets
mat black - silver logo5050
Complete m200/DeoreFrame-sets
mat black - silver logo2020
Complete m200/DeoreFrame-sets
Mini Variant
Complete m200/DeoreFrame-sets
Kid Cargo
mat black - silver logo10

WiFi frame-sets

End summer
Cargo IS-mountX-SmallSmallMediumLargeXL
Blurple (shiny golden logo)4128
Space blue(gloss) black logo 4128
mat black - silver logo4128
deep purple - Shiny gold Logo4128
Elrond green - Shiny gold logo4128
Minimax Wi-Fi(1st priority)X-SmallSmallMediumLargeXL
Blurple (shiny golden logo)4168
Space blue(gloss) black logo 4168
mat black - silver logo4168
deep purple - Shiny gold Logo4168
Elrond green - Shiny gold logo4168
Mini WifiX-SmallSmallMediumLargeXL
Blurple (shiny golden logo)364
Space blue(gloss) black logo 244
mat black - silver logo488
deep purple - Shiny gold Logo364
Elrond green - Shiny gold logo364
Orange - Black logo1

WiFi STEPS frame-sets

Steps8000 Cargo / Wi-FiSmallMediumLargeXL
Steps8000 Minimax / Wi-FiSmallMediumLarge