Omnium Consulting

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As a result of our drive to make the absolute best messenger cargo bike on the planet – lighter, faster, and more agile than the competition, we now offer a full custom consulting service. In collaboration with our design and manufacturing team we can provide pedal vehicles with custom paint, racks, bags, boxes, graphic design, Shimano STEPs Electric System and even complete custom frame design. All made in our own production chain and shipped worldwide. From a single bike to a national fleet that fits the image and unique needs of your business – we can do it. No compromise.

We can also provide educational and consultancy support for business studies and manufacturing. Book a seminar and learn about how a successful bike business gets started and how it works in the real world – from it’s founder. Please get in touch to start the conversation.

Omnium Cargo Yepp Maxi Mount – The Prototype

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We know you want to carry your kids on the Omnium, we know you are quite happy to tie them down with string or just get them to ‘hold on tight!’, but really, wouldn’t it be better to have a strong safe and secure seat – like the market leader the Yepp Maxi – and have a metal mount that was specifically designed for the Omnium Cargo and Mini-Max?

Yes. It would. Good design and engineering takes a little time, but we are nearly there and have prototypes ready which we would put our own kids in. Soon we have ones we can sell. Are you interested? Drop us a mail.

The final product will be waterjet cut from aluminium and easily fitted under the rack. The seat is removable in 30 seconds with a locking mount that is part of the Yepp Maxi’s standard equipment. Using an extender bar (from our webshop) means you can still carry a small elephant at the front – probably. We will try to figure out a quick fitting cover for the hole left in the cargo area when the seat is off. Yepp also make a rain cape that means that no weather will get on your little angels. Our model refused to put his feet into the foot holders on camera, but was keen when unobserved. The final mount will probably move the seat around 40mm further toward the pilot.


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We are now taking pre-orders for the new Omnium Cargo Electric with integrated Shimano STEPS 8000 power unit. The STEPS 8000 is by far the best system for an electric bike – we tested a lot of options and we are certain this is going to be the Omnium Cargo that will take you to the very TOP of the hill. Please email for prices and delivery times. We are looking at creating STEPS 8000 versions of all our Cargo models so if you need a Mini or Mini-Max with extra kick then tell us.

More info on the STEPS system:

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Omnium Reelight GO Special Edition

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Reelight and Omnium Cargo have collaborated to make a special edition of the Reelight GO.

The lights attach to the cargo rack with super-strong magnets. Fits Omnium Cargo and Omnium Mini-Max bikes. Lights turn on automatically when attached to rack and off when removed.

Kit contains one front light and one rear light with magnetic plugs that just push in to your rack.

Buy TWO sets and go the full Star Trek.