New Idea for a T-shirt

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We are thinking of offering this design on a T-shirt. Would you be interested? Why not drop us a mail if you are. Then we can gauge how many to order. Printed on organic T-shirts. We will have a price guide soon but it won’t be too expensive.


Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 17.11.20

Omnium 2014 – A Big Plan

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Once again a big thank you to all our customers for the positive reception of our first production models. Great interest and sales mean that we can expand production and offer even better and more varied products in 2014.

2014 will bring:

Omnium Cargo in three sizes (January)

Mini in three sizes (late July)

Mini-Max in thre sizes (late Julyl)

Plus hopefully a new Omnium prototype will start testing. There will also be new colors and small improvements on the existing frame designs.

All models will be available as complete bikes or as framekits with pre-installed headsets. Will also be stocking all parts for partial or complete builds.

The website will be updated with specifications on the bikes and prices when we get closer to January. Better specifications at lower prices. Any clever color ideas for the July batch would be appreciated – please write in!

Jimmi Bargisen

Omnium France

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Jeff is a French messenger from Paris, and he wanted to come and build his own Omnium in the shop in Copenhagen. So he did! And then he raced in the Danish Cargo Champs and came 4th. Not bad at all! And now, being a strong rider, he’s going to ride his new Omnium back to Paris with ANOTHER Omnium boxed-up on the cargo rack. In just 4 days.

Follow his journey on the new Omnium France Facebook page – click here

Copenhagen Cargo Bike Race – Svarløbet 2013 – Open Entry

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It’s race time in Copenhagen this Saturday 24th August! An open competition for all who ride a cargo. Many fun races, prizes and also fun for spectators too. Bring your friends, your Omnium/Bullitt/Christiania/Oldtimer etc and join in.

check out the Facebook page for more info click here

August 24th, 2013
Registration on the day from 11:30 – 50DKK to race, free to watch.
Events from 13:00 – 17:00
Ny Carlsberg Vej
1778 København

Individual Svajerløb ca. 13.00-15.00 (OBS: Sign in between 11.30-12.30)
We’ll race for the Danish Championship title in Two Wheeled and Three Wheeled, as well as Oldtimers (vintage cargo bikes) – all races featuring a Men’s and Woman’s category.

Relay Svajerløb ca. 15.30-17.00 (OBS: Sign in before 14.30)
The Team Relay (4 persons) – mixed bikes and mixed Men/Woman.

There will be rolling action on the course between 13:00-17:00 on race day. Everyone is welcome to participate. The race is not just for sporty types. All nations welcome!

A number of companies and volunteers are behind the organisation of the Svajerløb. It is a not-for-profit event and for all involved it is really a ‘con amore’ affair, fuelled by their passion for Copenhagen’s bicycle culture and cargo bikes. The idea to revive the historical Svajerløb started in 2009 when Erik Heinze ( and Hans Bullitt Fogh (Larry vs Harry) held the first modern version of the classic race. Together with Mikael Colville-Andersen ( and Søren Houen Schmidt (Rekommanderet), they form the nucleus of the team behind the Svajerløb.

Svajerløb 2013 is also supported by Carlsberg City, The City of Copenhagen, Tombola CPH, the Danish cargobike team ‘Team Bullitt Hangover Copenhagen’, Bicycle Innovation Lab and an army of passionate volunteers.
We hope to see as many participants and spectactors as possible to create a memorable day.

Weekend Avisen on CMWC

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The Danish weekend newspaper Weekend Avisen had an article this weekend on the Cargo Messenger World Championships and the rise of both Bullitt bikes and Omnium Bikes. The article is available for a limited time on this link: click here

It’s in Danish of course, but here’s a short quote translated into English:

“…Before Omnium came along, Bullitt dominated in all competitions for cargo bikes, often with 48-year-old company owner Hans Fogh himself in the saddle. At last year’s world championship for bicycle messengers, he rode his Ferrari Red bike with 20 gears into 1st place. Second and third place also went to riders on Bullitt bikes… It quickly became clear that the first real showdown between Bullitt and Omnium would take place in the Swiss town of Lausanne on Lake Geneva. This weekend town hosted the Cycle Messengers World Championship (CMWC), an annual event where bike messengers from around the world come together to compete in various disciplines, including a competition for cargo bikes that tests the bicycles speed, strength and maneuverability…”

New UK Dealer Matt Tapsell

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We are pleased to announce a new UK dealer for Omnium bikes – Matt Tapsell. Matt is still looking for premises in London for his shop but is already able to take orders for all Omnium Bikes by email or telephone. More news soon.

Matt Tapsell
+44 7939 588133

Omnium Cargo Team Rider Wins World Championship

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A big victory for the Omnium Cargo as it is ridden to a 1,2 finish by Angus ‘Beaver’ Edmond and Jimmi ‘Jumbo’ Bargisen in the men’s race, with Tanja Kjaer coming second in the women’s race too.

CMWC was an incredible experience for Team Omnium and for all the other 500+ messengers from all over the world who came to participate in the excitement. A huge thank you to all who were involved at CMWC and who made it a super well organised and fun event for all.

Here’s some pictures from Emma Bonde, a video of the main cargo race by CMWC, and FOLLOW this link for a feast of Vine clips:

From left to right: ?, Thomas ‘Toto’ Cruzeby, Tanja Kjaer, Jimmi ‘Jumbo’ Bargisen, Angus ‘Beaver’ Edmond, ?, Simon ‘Snus’ Busk, ?, Fabrice

Omnium Cargo at C.M.W.C. Lausanne 2013

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We are proud to announce that Omnium Cargo will be fielding a full team of strong riders at the Cargo Messenger World Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland from 30th July to 4th August. Our team will include Jimmi ‘Jumbo’ Bargisen, Angus ‘Beaver’ Edmond and Tanja Kjær. All have previously ridden successfully in the Worlds on multiple occasions. The bring with them Toto Crubezy, and others too numerous to mention plus some extra-light tricked-out Omniums for race day.

For more info and the race program click here:

664km in 24 hours on an Omnium Cargo!

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Click here for the results table

The designer of the Omnium Cargo, Jimmi Bargisen, took part in the 24 hour race at Strib, Middlefart in Denmark this weekend. The race is a qualifier for the RAM ‘Race Across America’. He just did it for ‘fun’. He managed to complete 664.2km in the 24 hours. And he did it on an Omnium Cargo specially prepared for the race with drop handlebars, carbon wheels and SRAM Red equipment that weighed 15.1kilos overall. Photos to follow! Our man is currently recovering from his ordeal!

Here he is asleep in the van on the way home. Legs up, without a care in the world.