Omnium Cargo

The Omnium Cargo is the fast, light, adjustable and manoeuvrable cargo bike. The rack area can be adapted for cargos of all kinds and for various types of child seat including our new OFFICIAL child safety seat. Add our nylon cargo webbing to provide a super-strong surface that can hold crazy loads all day long. We also have a cunning extender bar that slides trombone-like into the rack to give you absurd levels of cargo power.

Unlike some other cargo bikes on the market, ours feel pretty much exactly like a normal bike to ride. Not twitchy, not shaky, but agile and speedy. You’ll adapt in minutes and wonder how you survived without Omnium in your life. 

We offer complete bikes, fully assembled and ready to ride from our dealers – or order from our webshop and have your bike delivered WORLDWIDE with only minor assembly tasks left. We also offer frame-sets too so you can build your dream Omnium.

Are you in doubt about which of our cargo bikes fits you best? Have a look at our new page “Which Bike Fits Me?”.



Cargo Classic

The one and only classic Omnium Cargo. As you know it, since the beginning.

Using the trusted 9mm QR axle standards and fast 37mm tires. In stock till they’re not!

Cargo V3 (WiFi)

The Cargo V3 everybody! The same fast and light Omnium as you know it, now with adjustable rocker dropouts! With the big comfy tires and trusty thru axles of the WiFi, now combined with the new super functional dropouts, we once again we feel we’ve created the ultimate cargo bike where versatility is at the top of the list.

Cargo WiFi

The Omnium Cargo WiFi stands for Wide Fit. Want more comfort, better grip, and increased stability?

The new WiFi sports 55mm tires on their respective ISO 406 and 622 rims, as well as thru axles front and rear. WiFi is the future!

Cargo Belt Drive

The Omnium Cargo Belt Drive is a variation of our standard Cargo bike with Gates Carbon Drive and internal gears. The Gates Carbon Drive is an alternative to the classic metal chain that bikes have had for more than 100 years. The drivebelt technology comes from the motorcycle world and is essentially zero-maintenance and requires no lubrication.

E-Cargo V3 (WiFi)

The Omnium E-Cargo features an integrated Shimano STEPS E8000 power unit, supporting speeds up to 25km/h. Go the extra distance and still break a sweat!

Cargo Titanium WiFi

The true workhorse of the fleet, the Ti Cargo now comes with internal cable along the entire downtube, Rocker dropouts, and 55mm WiFi clearance!


Do you own a small human, but would still like to live the OMNIUM life? Our Official Yepp child seat bracket allows you to do so, while keeping the face to face chit chat going throughout the ride. With their back to the wind and the appropriate attire, it’s all smiles for everyone! There’s even room for extra cargo with the addition of an Extender bar, webbing, and a basket!  

Size & Geometry Guide

Height: up to 160cm – we recommend – size Extra Small
Height: 160cm – 175cm – we recommend – size Small
Height: 175cm – 185cm – we recommend – size Medium
Height: 185cm – 195cm – we recommend – size Large
Height: 195cm – 205cm – we recommend – size X-Large

Cargo Kid

Want to be a messenger when you grow up? Want to bring all your mud pies to the table? Found a stick that weighs 80 kilos that you MUST have at home in your bed? We are here for you. Built just like the adulting Cargo but a bit lower so that your current legs will reach the ground. Pass it on.

Cargo Kid — Size & Geometry Guide


This list represents our past paint selection. It does not account for availability. Please check the respective product page for that. For incoming, new colors please relate to our future stock page.

Glossy Afternoon Blue + Shiny Gold Logo
Glossy Blurple + Shiny Gold Logo
Glossy Diablo Red + Red Logo
Glossy Forest Green + Creamy Graphics
Glossy Galaxy Black + Metallic Graphics
Matt ‘Black’ Powder Toughcoat + Silver Graphics